Casanova - A Dozen Ever Red Roses

Yarraville Blooms
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This exquisite arrangement showcases twelve meticulously selected Ever Red Roses, elegantly complemented by the sophisticated accents of After Dark Foliage, Ivy Berry Foliage, and Viburnum.

Crafted for the true connoisseur of romance, "Casanova" is a bouquet that transcends the ordinary. Each Ever Red Rose, chosen for its opulent colour, velvety texture, and captivating fragrance, symbolizes the deepest expressions of love and desire.

The addition of After Dark Foliage brings an air of mystery and enchantment, perfectly balanced by the delicate charm of Ivy Berry Foliage. The Viburnum adds a touch of natural sophistication, completing this opulent ensemble designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Immerse yourself in the luxury of "Casanova," where passion meets perfection. This limited edition bouquet is a statement of refined taste and an expression of love that knows no bounds. Elevate your celebration by indulging in the extraordinary – order the "Casanova" Bouquet now and let the language of luxury speak volumes on this special occasion.

Note: Each "Casanova" Bouquet is uniquely crafted for an exclusive experience. Flower types and arrangement details are subject to availability. Transform your gesture into an unforgettable memory with this luxurious expression of love.

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