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Say hello to Sheena, the Floral Bouquet that's here to add a touch of whimsy and wonder to your birthdays and special celebrations!

Sheena, much like it's muse, is the bouquet that knows how to make a statement in the most charming way possible. With its delicate pastel tones, this floral beauty is ready to enchant and captivate your heart. It's like a dreamy melody of flowers that will set the perfect tone for your special moments.

Imagine being greeted by the graceful phalaenopsis orchids, their petals dancing in the breeze and exuding an air of elegance. The cream grandi flora roses add a classic touch, oozing with timeless beauty. And let's not forget the peach anthuriums, bringing a splash of tropical flair to the mix. The pink disbuds and peach carnations join the party, adding a playful twist that will surely make you smile. Completing the picture, we've included ivy berry greenery and dusty miller greenery to bring a touch of lushness and texture.

Sheena is here to make your celebrations come alive with its charming personality and exquisite design.

Our expert florists have meticulously crafted Sheena with love and attention to detail. Each bloom is hand-picked and expertly arranged, ensuring that every petal is perfectly positioned to create a visual masterpiece.

Whether you're celebrating a milestone birthday or simply reveling in life's beautiful moments, Sheena is the bouquet that will make it truly magical. Let its pastel tones and enchanting blooms create an atmosphere of joy and celebration.

Don't miss out on the floral wonder of Sheena. Order your bouquet today and let the mesmerizing combination of phalaenopsis orchids, cream grandi flora roses, peach anthuriums, pink disbuds, peach carnations, ivy berry greenery, and dusty miller greenery transform your celebrations into unforgettable experiences. Get ready to embrace the beauty of Sheena and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Image is of the Deluxe Bouquet.

Please Note: Each arrangement is exclusive and created with skill. Flower types and colours are subject to availability. All arrangements are made as bouquets, however can be ordered to make into a vase.

Order by 2pm for same day delivery Monday – Friday